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Integrated Health Advocacy Program
What People are Saying about IHAP


“Before IHAP, I dealt with chronic abdominal pain, weight gain, stress, anxiety, and depression, for many years. Once I realized what the program was about and opened my heart and wrapped my hands around the overall concept, I’m very thankful for the opportunity to be involved in the program. Phase One of the transition was a bit challenging because it was a lot of self evaluation and sharing of life situations that otherwise I would have kept under lock and key. Review of my health history was a pretty powerful eye-opener for me, as I didn’t realize how much of my overall health was really out of balance. Also, I’m excited that at Team was looking with such a thorough history to try to identify common denominators for my chronic pain and other health issues.Then, use “today” for a fresh start to make changes for a healthier me. Phase Two has been exciting, as now there is a plan in place and action steps with a Team of professionals supporting me, to achieve the goals to make my life healthy, happy, and pain-free, which is very empowering.”


Through IHAP, we’ve seen significant improvement in the health of our population. We’ve seen reduced absenteeism, real savings in cost and since it’s our employees, you know the quality is good and so we’ve achieved the triple aim. Also we’re seeing reduce costs for our health care expenses which we’ve been able to pass along to our employees through reduced premiums and improved benefits for everybody. As a self-insured employer, we’ve seen these savings passed right back to the program and to the par ticipants.”


“IHAP provides employers with a unique opportunity to support employees with multiple health care needs that traditional wellness programs can’t reach. This program is one-of-a-kind and has the potential to make a difference for the state of Indiana.”

Actual participants talk about how IHAP®


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