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Integrated Health Advocacy Program
What is IHAP

With insurance premiums and employee medical claims on the rise, business leaders are looking to make changes within the workplace to help curb costs.

Many employers are introducing workplace health programs to help employees lead healthier lifestyles but these wellness programs do little to reduce health care costs for self- insured employers.

The Integrated Health Advocacy Program® (IHAP®) is proven patient-centered team approach that improves employees’ health while lowering healthcare costs.

  • IHAP strategically addresses chronic healthcare conditions rather than focusing on acute care concerns.
  • IHAP is a disease management program that ensures long-term wellness.
  • IHAP successful system of change that allows participants to plan their lives rather than their next doctor visit.

What is the Integrated Health Advocacy Program (IHAP)?

Through advocacy, education and support, IHAP collaborate with individuals to emphasize appropriate interventions, to avoid redundancy of treatments, and to adhere to medication compliance, thus saving healthcare dollars. For information about IHAP me at 630.761.IHAP or e-mail Maria E. J. Kuhn at mkuhn@IHAP.com.

Intrigued by IHAP, but still unclear on how it works? Check out our video segments to hear from participants, administrators and advocates about this non-traditional medical model. Learn how teams of doctors, nurses and psychosocials manage cases collaboratively to reduce duplicative treatments, information overload and, ultimately, healthcare costs for sufferers of multiple chronic conditions and their employers.


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