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Integrated Health Advocacy Program

The world’s best way to significantly reduce the cost of healthcare for the highest utilizers while
simultaneously improving their quality of life.




Are you going to the Illinois Rural Health Association's 26th Annual Conference tomorrow, August 10th? BPA will be there! Managing Partner Maria E. J. Kuhn; Medical Director Dr. Jim Gallant and Medical Consultant Laura Fullerton for IHAP will be on a panel discussion at 3:15 pm talking about Multiple Chronic Conditions and IHAP. BPA will also have a table in the exhibit hall, come say HI! You can download the conference brochure at http://www.ilruralhealth.org/

According to a study done in 2015 on examining patient costs BEFORE being diagnosed with a chronic disease, results found that costs for those patients were significantly higher for years prior to being diagnosed than a patient that does not have any chronic conditions. That being said, "Tracking health care expenditures may identify patients with chronic conditions sooner, potentially producing large savings with the health care system." Study was published by Elsevier Inc. and the American College of Radiology. <read more>

Christina M. Krause, PhD, and Director of Research for Benefit Performance Associates, LLC will be presenting her research project, titled Serving Individuals with Comorbidities in Rural Areas, at the 39th Annual National Rural Health Conference in Minneapolis this May 10 – 13, 2016. The research project was to determine if an intervention program developed for individuals with multiple chronic conditions (MCC) is effective in improving both physical health and psychological wellbeing.

Maria E. J. Kuhn, Managing Partner of BPA and Clinical Director of IHAP, responds to recent news coverage regarding opiate addiction and overdose. <read more>

Christina M. Krause PhD, Director of Research at BPA, has published an article in the most recent Illinois Rural Health Association's 2016 Winter Newsletter which discusses differences between rural and urban individuals with multiple chronic conditions (MCC) and the challenges that can be faced in providing healthcare for those individuals. < read more >

Hendricks is “Taking Care of its Own” according to CEO Gary Everling, by utilizing the Integrated Health Advocacy Program (IHAP) for their employees that are most in need of care management. Everling is quoted saying: “That [it] is a three year effort – one Everling calls “very high touch and intensive” – to assist employees suffering from multiple chronic conditions.” And “If an employer did only one thing to improve health care, it would probably be this.” The article was written by Tom Schuman for BizVoice Magazine, Indiana Chamber, in the May/June 2015 issue. Click here to read the entire article.

Intrigued by IHAP? Check out our video segments to hear from participants, administrators and advocates about this non-traditional medical model.



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